Visitors Flock to Gadebridge Park for Community Fair

When the Friends of Gadebridge Park wanted a promotion that would put them on the local map, they turned to Engyta for marketing inspiration.

Gadebridge Park is in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and forms a green wedge of urban countryside, running into the heart of the town, occupying over 32 hectares of space. The park also boasts a fascinating past, with links to the historic Old Town as well as impressive amenities.

On Saturday 21 June, the final stage of the Women’s Tour of Britain Cycle Race was scheduled to finish at Gadebridge Park, giving a perfect opportunity for the Friends to showcase to visitors, the delightful surroundings of the park. Alongside a festival with tents and stands, displaying local produce and services, the Friends decided to promote the park’s assets to new visitors.

With Engyta as their technology partner, it was decided to create NFC touchpoints at their stand, to engage with visitors. These provided informative links to the history of the Roman villa in the park as well as a quiz and game for children, based on the local bird population.

Engyta created various posters with NFC tags and QR codes and the children were encouraged to tap or scan with smartphones, in order to identify the correct bird. The campaign was very successful with the visitors as, according the analytics, over 200 “taps” were logged.

When asked whether the NFC technology would benefit the park, a resounding 85% responded “Yes”! As further evidence of the promotion’s success, the Friends acquired an additional 75 new members, well above the expectations of the day.

It now looks highly likely that talks are planned with Dacorum Council, to review the experiment, and to see how NFC technology and proximity marketing can attract more visitors to the park.



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