We don’t want to blind you with science so probably the best way to get your campaign up and running is to talk to us. We can advise you on which approach is best and the most effective way of managing your campaigns.

For NFC tags, we can recommend which is the best tag and the best media to use, to get your marketing message across to your audience. We can also supply and encrypt your tags for you.

We can provide approved beacons which can be branded if need be, and advise you on their placement. Our solution features remote content management, allowing you to securely change your marketing messages from afar.

Both methods offer slightly different approaches.

• is a “hybrid push marketing” solution that is a broad-brush method. By using, the smartphone user can pick up marketing messages that are relayed directly to their phone.

• NFC uses “pull marketing”, which encourages the consumer to tap, with their smartphones in order to find out more about a product or to go straight to a dedicated website.

Our dedicated back-office system allows you to capture your customer data easily and in real-time, offering enormous benefits to you.
For more information on the two technologies please see our infographic, which explains the difference between the two.



We can now offer demonstrations and trials of the following products; these are perfect to allow you to see the products in more detail and also answer any questions you may have.


Our Place 

If you would like to come and see the Connected Screens at our premises in Hemel Hempstead, then please give us a call or drop us an email.

We can take you through all the benefits that Connected Screens can offer your customers, which include engagement and building customer loyalty.  You’re welcome to try it out yourselves and we’d love to find out your views and discuss your needs with us in a relaxed environment.

So why not arrange a viewing by giving us a call on 01442 500880 or email us on [email protected]?

Your Place

Alternatively, we can come to you.  We now have our own mobile version of Connected Screens and this smaller version means we can easily come to your premises (or anywhere else for that matter) and take you through how Connected Screens works and the benefits it can bring.

This demonstration will also allow you to have any questions answered whilst giving you the hands-on experience Connected Screens offers.

If you’d like us to come to you and give you a demonstration then feel free to contact us and we’ll make a date to come and visit.



The sleek and stylish wireless charger is ideal for coffee-shops, colleges, conferences, exhibitions etc or anywhere you have customers who need to charge their mobiles on the move.  They also look very cool in offices!

As a value-added service, it can add enormously to the customer experience whilst building on brand loyalty.

If you’d like to try out an Aircharge charger then please feel free to contact us on 01442 500880 or email us on [email protected] and we’ll arrange for a no-strings trial.




Big Data

Big Data is today’s buzzword

Bottom line metrics are now what it’s about and any marketing campaign now needs to show accurate and measurable results.

The beauty of using Engyta

Both real time and real location data is readily available.  This means accurate and up to the minute information at your finger-tips as well as total flexibility.


Forget about the old fashioned days

No waiting for your data at the end of a campaign.  Now you can review it and simply adjust your campaign as you go, if need be.

Remotely programming and analytics

Using these methods you can turn the humble poster into a powerhouse of proximity marketing.  This gives your campaigns enormous versatility. 


Easily see your most popular exhibits

Look at the most popular locations and view how many “likes” you get, on Facebook which allows you to instantly engage with your customers.

That’s what Engyta is all about

We are not just a buzz word we are a solution. Our easy methods and straight forward approach help to make us accurate and effective everytime.



Definition of Engyta – derived from engytita which means proximity in greek.

Engyta is all about proximity marketing – we’re passionate about enabling you
to connect directly with your customers. It’s about engagement, brand-building
and creating loyalty – all through a user’s smartphone. Whether it’s a broad-stroke,
push-marketing campaign, we’ve a service for you.
Or perhaps you need Connected Screens, the retail “Hole in the Wall?”
That’s why Engyta allows you to create highly-tuned and individual campaigns,
to suit your customer needs. All with the bonus of real time and real location metrics
which means you can see how your campaigns are doing, instantly.
So why not talk to us – it’s all about the Engyta effect.  


Connected Screens

Alice’s Adventures


  • Experience


    About Experience

    “It’s a crowded market”

    How do you get heard? And how do you listen to your customers?
    Using Engyta means you can find out what makes them tick and give them the right offering, at the right place, at the right time.

    As you know, the better the customer experience, the more likely they’ll stay loyal. Enhance a shopper’s experience by suggesting other items for their basket and tempt them with a money-off coupon.

    Sign-up people on the spot, for new offers. Build on customer loyalty by invitations to exclusive deals.

    By enriching the experience and building on your relationships, that’s what the Engyta effect is all about.

  • Engagement


    About Engagement

    “We are flexible”

    You can order what you want in order to help reach your target audience accurately and easily. This is simply because you’ll know exactly where they are.

    At the tap of a smartphone or a message sent to a mobile phone, you can create a conversation with your customers.

    You can pinpoint your customers’ likes and dislikes, reward them or get them to “like” you on Facebook.

    By building long-term relationships with your customers, they will enjoy a richer experience and you’ll reap the benefits in brand loyalty.

  • Environment


    About Environment

    “It’s a big wide world”

    Keeping tabs on your customers can be difficult.
    However, with a little help from Engyta, you can easily find them.

    You can create bespoke campaigns for a specific location. This means relevant marketing messages will perfectly match the setting. You can even adjust them to the time of day, depending on your aims.

    So, wherever your target audience is, be they shopping, eating out, visiting a museum or gallery or out with the kids at the zoo, you can talk to them.

  • Examples


    About Examples

    “Amazingly creative”

    Engyta’s sheer adaptability means you can create campaigns for all sorts of venues.

    Get the kids to tap into a treasure trail at the park or follow a wildlife walk.  Trying to decide on a restaurant?  Why not tap on the menu, to find out more about the food.

    Find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods, by tapping on a poster and then buy tickets and “like” on Facebook.

    If you’re out in a retail park, pick up a map to find shops and eateries.
    Or collect coupons, as you browse through an aisle.

    If you’re at an event then find out more about who’s sponsoring your event.  In all, it’s inspirational and endless.

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