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Blubeam technology lights the way

ARL Mobile is delighted to announce we will shortly be launching a complementary technology to the company’s existing WiFi and NFC solutions.  This technology, known as BluBeam, will complete a full portfolio of wireless proximity solutions.   BluBeam...
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Beacons – Lighting the Way on Proximity Marketing

We will shortly be launching our own version of the iBeacon (BluBeam) and I thought I would shed some light on how it works, from a marketing perspective. Beacons are a “push” marketing ploy. When a shopper enters a store, with the appropriate app...
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Give Technology a Sporting Chance

You’ve got the programme for the match.  You’ve got the perfect seat in the stadium.  As you settle in to watch the action, you fancy a snack but you can’t face those massive queues at the burger stand. Those days may be shortly gone as technology...
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