No Small Change for Charities!

We’ve all had those moments, when we’ve longed to put our hands in our pockets to donate to a charity street collection, but can’t because we’ve no small change.

Our French partners, Think&Go, recently demonstrated a simple alternative, on the streets of Paris by allowing passers-by to donate quickly and effectively to the leading cancer charity, the Institute Curie.

As part of the campaign, three Connected Payment Screens were placed in the vicinity of the St Lazare railway station in Paris.  Passers-by were attracted to the bright and cheerful on-screen graphics, encouraging them to give fixed donations from 2. 3, 4 or 5 euros by simply tapping a contactless payment card against the screen.  

When the donation was successfully made, the donor was rewarded with the sight of a growing daffodil, as a thank-you gesture.

The campaign was run over two days and successfully raised 714 donations for the Institute Curie.  All this points to no small change but a large one, in the way we will make future donations to charity.

 You can see all about it, by taking a look at the video here.

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