Aircharge launches New App for wireless charging



It’s only early in the year but 2015 is already looking good for wireless charging.

Our partner, Aircharge, recently launched their own Qi app which means you can easily find a public place eg coffee shop that provides wireless charging compatible with the Qi standard. (Qi is now the protocol being adopted by the major manufacturers as smartphones come with inbuilt wireless charging technology.)

Already there are over 3,000 locations world-wide where you can wirelessly charge your phone and the number is growing by the minute as more smartphones are launched that are compatible with Qi.

A really useful feature of the app means you can set it to warn you when a battery percentage threshold is reached.  It then triggers an alert which allows the user to find the nearest public venue which offers Qi-enabled charging.

It’s easy to find the location as the app gives you specific details including just how far away it is and even allows you to rate the charging experience! 

It’s also invaluable for businesses, cafés, restaurants etc who want to drive customer footfall to their premises.  This means it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The Aircharge-Qi wireless charger locator app is available for download now on iOS and Android and from relevant app stores as well as the Aircharge website which is

A Windows platform will be available in March.

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