Connected Screens

About Connected Screens

Connected Screens is an exciting solution for directly connecting to savvy consumers.   It’s a brilliant way to engage with your customers via a dynamic NFC screen.  By displaying a row of tempting offers, the customer can then simply tap the screen with an NFC-enabled smartphone or contactless card eg an Oyster card or even a passport!

The customer can then present their smartphone or card at the till, to redeem any voucher or promotion, so offering instant customer rewards and building loyalty.

The beauty of Connected Screens is its enormous attraction to all consumers.  Whether they like to buy on impulse and are looking for a fun buy or they’re a canny customer who has a head for bargains, Connected Screens will engage both.  Even window shoppers will be attracted to the incentives and rewards on offer.

The promotions can be easily changed, to suit a certain time or day or can be timed to change at regular intervals thus creating constant interest and fresh ideas.

Where it Works

Connected Screens can be easily placed wherever there is a suitable spot, to entice consumers.  A whole wall of screens can act as a visual honeypot, to attract shoppers at the entrance of a shopping mall. 

On the other hand, a single Connected Screen can be placed in a shop window, offering promotions 24/7 to passing customers in the street.  This means your store is always open and you can capture the eye of any passers-by.

It is the perfect retail “Hole in the Wall” for the Connected Consumer, offering a personalised shopping experience from a bricks and mortar high street store.

See How it Works

Why not take a look at the video which shows just how brilliantly and simply Connected Screens works?  And soon your outlet could be offering your customers a very Connected Experience – and that’s one of the new secrets of smart shopping.


  1. emre

    Hello Mrs,

    Could You let me know How We can adepte the system to Our touch screens
    Also what will be cost of the thechnology

    1. Lindsey Nicholls

      Hi Emre

      Thank you for your query. Have you an idea of how many screens and the size that they are? It is possible to do this.

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