Blubeam technology lights the way

ARL Mobile is delighted to announce we will shortly be launching a complementary technology to the company’s existing WiFi and NFC solutions.  This technology, known as BluBeam, will complete a full portfolio of wireless proximity solutions.  

BluBeam works from a mature wireless technology called Bluetooth Low Energy and can be deployed on-site through a number of strategically placed egg-sized “beacons”.  Users simply download an app and their presence at a certain location will trigger a message to the user’s smartphone.  This opens up a whole new opportunity in the world of mobile communications, especially in retail.

Take, for instance, a customer browsing certain goods in a shop’s aisle.  BluBeam will pick up their interest and their location and a promotional voucher can be sent straight away to the recipient’s phone.  Money-off vouchers, product information and promotions can all be used, to engage directly with the retailer’s potential customer.

Tim Befall, Founder of ARL Mobile explains;

“Having BluBeam is the final piece in the puzzle and means we can offer retail, agency and brand management clients, a mix and match proposition, to suit their proximity marketing needs.  Our solution has been packaged to offer customised services to our customers, to help them reach their full potential.”

BluBeam is ideal for retail environments and, twinned with NFC solutions, offers a complete solution for proximity marketing.  With millions of smartphones out there, this powerful proposition offers customer engagement, with very relevant and precisely targeted content.

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