Samsung and Futurescape


Take over 1000 visitors, Samsung Electronics and their various technology partners and you have Futurescape 2014. Futurescape is Samsung’s key UK event in demonstrating future technologies from the company, which will soon play a part in our everyday lives. To achieve this, an invited audience of decision makers, industry leaders and channel partners, came along to participate.


Futurescape 2014 was run over 4 days and focussed on the themes of The Future of Work and The Future of Travel and Transport, showcasing innovative enterprise solutions. Samsung set up various interactive zones, called Experience Zones, for their visitors which were based on real life scenarios. These included “the airport”, “the coffee shop”, “the bus stop”, etc.
With such a complex brief, Samsung asked Engyta to provide supplementary demonstrations of converging technologies, at the show. This was also used to add some fun to the visitor experience.


Engyta and their partner, Noodle Live, provided NFC (Near Field Communication) badges for visitors which were to be their own personal ticket to sample and engage with some of the various technologies as delegates progressed through the show.
As each visitor arrived, they collected their NFC badges – these had been created in advance for pre-registered visitors and were also produced for those who registered on arrival. This meant that when a visitor presented their badge at an interactive experience, it was acknowledged and the owner instantly engaged.
A visitor could also obtain a personalised cloakroom ticket, on presentation of his or her badge, before entering the event. This gave each visitor a flavour of what was waiting inside for them.


As visitors moved from pod to pod, they could “tap” each one, and interact within each Experience Zone. At the” coffee shop”, for example, they could buy a coffee, by tapping, showing the ease of contactless payments.
The transportation pod proved to be highly popular with delegates. They could tap and receive a flight boarding pass at the “airport” and also buy duty-free in the same way. At “the bus stop” and “train station”, by tapping the pod, travel information was easily obtained. All these features supported the Samsung innovation technology on display and emphasised the delegate experience.


Even the important post-event follow up was given a technological twist. Forget about filling out a laborious paper form as members of the Samsung team had their delegate feedback form pre-loaded onto their tablets. When a delegate had finished completing this, the team member simply tapped their visitor badge and instantly captured their details. This ensured the whole survey experience was simple, quick and effective for both parties.