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We don’t want to blind you with science so probably the best way to get your campaign up and running is to talk to us. We can advise you on which approach is best and the most effective way of managing your campaigns.

For NFC tags, we can recommend which is the best tag and the best media to use, to get your marketing message across to your audience. We can also supply and encrypt your tags for you.

We can provide approved beacons which can be branded if need be, and advise you on their placement. Our solution features remote content management, allowing you to securely change your marketing messages from afar.

Both methods offer slightly different approaches.

• is a “hybrid push marketing” solution that is a broad-brush method. By using, the smartphone user can pick up marketing messages that are relayed directly to their phone.

• NFC uses “pull marketing”, which encourages the consumer to tap, with their smartphones in order to find out more about a product or to go straight to a dedicated website.

Our dedicated back-office system allows you to capture your customer data easily and in real-time, offering enormous benefits to you.
For more information on the two technologies please see our infographic, which explains the difference between the two.