Big Data test

Big Data

Big Data is today’s buzzword

Bottom line metrics are now what it’s about and any marketing campaign now needs to show accurate and measurable results.

The beauty of using Engyta

Both real time and real location data is readily available.  This means accurate and up to the minute information at your finger-tips as well as total flexibility.


Forget about the old fashioned days

No waiting for your data at the end of a campaign.  Now you can review it and simply adjust your campaign as you go, if need be.

Remotely programming and analytics

Using these methods you can turn the humble poster into a powerhouse of proximity marketing.  This gives your campaigns enormous versatility. 


Easily see your most popular exhibits

Look at the most popular locations and view how many “likes” you get, on Facebook which allows you to instantly engage with your customers.

That’s what Engyta is all about

We are not just a buzz word we are a solution. Our easy methods and straight forward approach help to make us accurate and effective everytime.